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Converter Word PDF 1.0

An extremely simple free tool to transform your Word documents into PDF files
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If simplicity of use is all you are looking for, Converter Word PDF is certainly the tool you need. Its minimal tiny interface comes with just the few controls you need to select and convert any Microsoft Word document into a PDF version of it. The lack of settings available will help you convert your files faster, though you will lose all control on the final layout.

Simplicity is one of those things to be thankful for when it comes to dealing with new programs. However, “extreme” simplicity is usually more of a drag than an advantage in most cases. Converter Word PDF looks like a beginner’s interface designed to wrap up a simple command-line conversion function. It selects a Word file and converts it into a PDF file. End of the story. This needs not be a bad thing in itself, if only all conversion processes ended up correctly. However, this is not the case, and more often than not, the process produces nothing but an undocumented error that leaves you wondering what was wrong with that Word file. This complete lack of feedback and information goes as far as locking away all possibilities of contacting the company or the developer asking for guidance. A pity, as it is certainly a fast and free conversion tool.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simple interface that matches its straightforward functionality


  • Contact with the developer is not possible
  • No settings available
  • Some Word files cannot be converted for unknown reasons
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